Sunshine Coast Radio Control Car Club events calendar

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Caution! Club members are advised to stay away from the track when the caretaker (Snowy) is present at the sports ground.

Snowy’s illegal residency is being reviewed by the council, and he could be violent.

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SCRCCC AGM Saturday Dec. 12th

SCRCCC AGM will be held at 24 Whites Rd. Landsborough sometimes between 2:00 and 3:00 P.M. on Saturday Dec. 12th.

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Update of toxic waste scandal at our club site.

The council is still trying hush up the toxic wast scandal instead of cleaning it up and prosecuting those responsible at the time of this update.  Thee will be no racing until we can get get the issue enough public exposure to get it investigated, and forcing the council to fix it.

The Landsborough Sports Complex is largely built on the site of a cattle dip site; whish was redeveloped in year 2002.  Aged cattle dips are commonly heavily infested with cancer causing toxic arsenic residues, and a redemption program approved by EPA had to be completed before the site was safe to use.

Soil had to be removed from where the cattle dip was situated (the now skate park and partially the Radio Control Car track), and the whole site including the holding yards covered with half a metre of clean soil.  In addition the skate park and the Radio Control (RC) Car track sites had to be capped with bitumen or concrete, which had to be maintained and kept in good condition.  An 8 metre deep pit had to be formed where the football ground is now located.  Tests had to be carried out to ensure that toxic arsenic levels did not exceed a predetermined reading after completion.

Most of the soil was removed from the dip site but not all, and toxicity tests where carried out but revealed some dangerous level of toxicity in some areas.  The high side of the skate park was never excavated as required, and one test there proved toxicity of 10 times more than maximum allowed.  A 12 metre deep burial site for the toxic soil was never made, and soil was taken away to unknown locations which apparently there is no record of.  There are rumours that the soil was used for restoration of the Landsborough dump and that some was stored at the Landsborough Council depot and later distributed elsewhere.  The managers of the Sports Ground took it upon themselves to use some of the contaminated soil to fill uneven spots on the football field.  The bitumen and concrete capping have never been maintained by those responsible, the RC racing has frequently been hampered by water leaching through from underground, and the skate park concrete is full of cracks that water leaches through.  The remedial work was apparently passed by EPA solely on the council’s affirmation that all the requirements had been fulfilled.

When documents that showed the reckless misrepresentation of the toxic site cleanup were discovered, racing was suspended immediately by the RC club members.  There had been very high number of cancer amongst persons that had raced or helped at the club, and no-one can be sure if there is a connection of this to the failure to fulfil toxic cleanup requirements.   Meanwhile nothing has been done to protect players at the football ground from the presumably contaminated soil that was spread on their playing field unauthorised.  Young children are playing daily at the skate park where a close be test delivered a contamination reading of 10 times what was allowed 13 years ago, which has water leaching through from underground.

If as rumours have it; contaminated soil was stored at the Landsborough council depot; next to a creek that residences have boundaries to; and which is used for recreational pursuits like fishing the obvious scenario is that storm water would have run off into the creek. And even if the rumours are false; the question remains of where records are of where contaminated soil that was meant to be buried 12 metres deep was disposed of?!

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Temporary track closure!

In the interest of public safety; it was decided at the club’s AGM to close the track until it has been cleared as safe by appropriate testing for toxic residue remains from old cattle dip.  .

My sincere hope is that the testing, the track declared safe can be done as soon as possible, so we can get on with just running the club again.

Kindest regards,


Secretary SCRCCC

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2015 AGM will be held at our next meeting will be on February 8th.

Nominations at 8.00 A.M. Racing at 9.00 A.M.

A.G.M will be held at the lunch break at the meeting, or at 9.30 A.M. if the weather is too wet for racing. A new committee will be elected at the A.G.M. please make sure tht your membership has been paid before the A.G.M. A nomination form for committee positions in the file attached PDF file at ,  or contact secretary at 0413 164 238 or E-mail .

Nominations for committee positions

Nominations for committee positions received are President: Aaron Chambers nominated by Lars, Vice President: Graham Lloyd-Jones nominated by Lars, Treasurer: Gerry Wagstaff nominated by Lars, Secretary Lars Karlsson nominated by Kerry Bragg, Committee member Kerry Bragg nominated by Lars.

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Club calendar

Right click on picture and open in new tab for bigger view. 2014 Club Calendar

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We race all Onroad Gas and Electric 10th scale classes, and 12th scale Pan cars.

We use ORRCA rules for most classes and AARCMCC rules for pro tourers and 12th scale.  Rules can be found at and

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Sunshine Coast Radio Control Car Club

Our Website is currently under construction  Thankyou for your patience.

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Our  Drivers  Stand

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